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Awesome nude picture collection of Drew Barrymore

Thursday, July 3rd, 2008

If you could still remember how rebellious Drew Barrymore was in the past that she even had to pose for Playboy and lift her shirt to flash her boobs in front of David Letterman during the Tonight Show more than a decade ago that it caused a big public uproar from concerned parents and individuals about her somewhat disturbing behavior that eventually led to her short hiatus from the public eye and prominently came back in 1996 as a reformed and sober Drew Barrymore that we all know now. But her Playboy and Tonight Show stint was just the tip of the iceberg, and what is more shocking is that we have unveiled more skeletons in her closet and with these small sample of her nude picture collection, you can tell that she is still the Drew Barrymore we love and hate as well.

She definitely is one hot and sexy Hollywood feline who knows what makes men tick… and with one provocative pose after the other accompanied by a lot of tit and pussy flashing, guys out there would go loco from what they are about to see and if this small collection of nude pictures is making you stiff as hell, wait ‘till you get to see the entire collection when you visit Drew Barrymore Naked and see more of her in full naked glory!